Elevated Ambition is a brand that focus on motivating and spreading financial literacy to the people. The creator and ceo of the brand, Xavier Rogers is a former D1, NAIA collegiate athlete and current pro athlete. Through his journey he attained his B.S. in Accounting, 3 years of tax experience, and brushed shoulders with numerous millionaires and business owners. Looking back on life, Xavier can't help be think how different things would be if he knew what he knows now back when he was a teenager, when it comes to financial literacy. weather it was watching other people make a lot of money and end up wasting it away or watching someone come from nothing to having a successful business, Xavier has seen it all. These things is what motivated Xavier to create this brand, Elevated Ambition.
Learn more about the creator of Elevated Ambition, Xavier Rogers, and his entrepreneurial journey. What fueled the ambition, life growing up, and what lessons were learned along the way. Click link below to view the amazing article done by VoyageDallas.